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Hi! I'm a PhD candidate at the College of Engineering, Computing & Cybernetics, Australian National University. I'm interested in how people and communities marginalised by systems—legal systems, systems of government, and socio-technical systems—can influence those systems. My PhD research critically examines 'participation' in machine learning research and development.

Previously, I worked at Google Research, researching ways to make AI inclusive of diverse languages and dialects. I also have five years experience in strategy consulting in Australia and the UK, and two years experience as a human rights lawyer in Australia and Guatemala.

Email: edward.cooper [at] I would also appreciate your feedback here!


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Ned Cooper, Courtney Heldreth, and Ben Hutchinson. 2024. "It's how you do things that matters": Attending to Process to Better Serve Indigenous Communities with Language Technology. Proceedings of the Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL '24).

Skyler Wang*, Ned Cooper*, and Margaret Eby. 2023. From Human-Centered to Social-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Assessing ChatGPT’s Impact through Disruptive Events. Under review.

Ned Cooper. 2022. Would the Trees Dim the Lights? Adopting the Intentional Stance for More-Than-Human Participatory Design. Participatory Design Conference (PDC '22).

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*Equal authorship